I’m currently primarily working on the Gene Ontology Consortium projects AmiGO 2 and Noctua (group repo). As well, I am occasionally participating in various parts of the stack for the Monarch Initiative and do the system architecture and administration for BBOP.

Previous BBOP projects include AmiGO 1.x, other minor GOC projects, and bits and pieces in modENCODE, OBO-Edit, etc.

Also, a few work-related projects that fall outside of the above:

  • cl-kappa a flexible web agent in Common Lisp
  • tanuki, an interactive site testing framework in Common Lisp
  • Gander, an interactive data discovery environment, and possible successor to GOOSE

Some extra-BBOP activities can be found at genkisugi.net, which will one day be updated with things like Checkawalla and Wrenshoe when I finally get around to it.